Product demo videos with targeted media delivery, driving purchase through key retailers


Brands are seeking ways to reach the right shopper, at the right place and time, with compelling messaging and brand education designed to drive immediate action aligned around their priority retailers (whether to buy online or purchase in-store).


The impact of brand videos cannot be overstated, with 80%+ of consumers convinced to buy a product by watching a brand video, and video is consistently rated as the top type of brand content they like to consume.

The Solution

Brand Connections produces selling-focused brand educational videos featuring trained, camera-ready ambassadors interacting with a featured brand and its products, promoting key messages in an engaging, informational way and delivered through user’s mobile phone via highly-targeted media campaign, leveraging 1st party data. Unlike traditional video ads, Cartcast videos are designed to feature product usage and valuable content (e.g. showcase recipe creation or beauty regimens) and feature a call-to-action to drive immediate sales (e.g. eCommerce click-to-cart enablement or access to an offer).