Driving trial and consideration, along with digital engagement, through a suite of sampling solutions


Though they like to discover new products, consumers are often reluctant to “buy before they try.” Furthermore, many sampling programs in the marketplace aren’t designed to continue the consumer engagement once a sample is consumed, meaning brands miss out on the opportunity to remain top-of-mind with their audience, following the initial trial experience.


Sampling remains the top marketing tactic to drive purchase consideration (more than coupons or reviews), and consumers continue to seek contactless ways to receive samples at the right time and place, increasing their likelihood to try them.

The Solution

Brand Connections provides industry-leading sampling solutions, ranging from online delivery and pickup sampling at the top mass and grocery retailers, lifestyle and life-stage sampling through our proprietary network of venues including hotels, airlines, gyms, spas, colleges, physician offices, etc., in-store experiential sampling and more. We leverage our Instant Connect platform to attach mobile calls-to-action to our sampling programs, such as QR codes to scan for brand content, enable chat with a brand expert, access an augmented reality experience or simply add the product to an eCommerce shopping cart.

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