We looked forward to summer for months, but now it is coming to an end. Unlike care-free summers, fall is known for the chaos of back-to-school, drastically impacting the daily routines of families and children.

Come fall, parents find their schedules busier than ever, now juggling an array of additional tasks from school pick up and drop off, to packing lunches, trekking to after-school activities, and more. When this happens, parents find it difficult to focus on important things like cooking family meals for dinner. Sound familiar?

Brand Connections engages with these consumers, working with our clients to create high-impact, educational product demo videos that showcase their products around such topics as healthy family recipes, meals on a budget and cooking hacks that fit into parents’ busy routines. These videos are delivered through highly targeted digital media campaigns and feature retailer “buy now” calls-to-action, resulting in strong engagement and add-to-cart metrics.

How does back-to-school season affect consumers?

Mealtimes, from prep to eating, are heavily impacted when returning to busy routines, and the return to school is a major catalyst. Cooking is time-consuming and is harder to fit into a parent’s schedule as we head into fall. With the added pressure of rising food costs, getting this “right” is even more important to families, many trying to optimize their grocery spending and food usage. But there is a solution.

A simple fix for this is meal planning. By planning and preparing meals ahead of time, parents feel less stressed, and more prepared for the new week. In fact, children can help their parents plan meals and select the ingredients, making this a family activity. Most importantly, by spending less time worrying about making each night’s dinner, families get to spend more time together around the dinner table.

Product Demo Videos help deliver recipes and cooking hacks to busy families on the go

Studies reveal that cooking at home is still a priority and something families wish they had more time for, even during the busiest of days, which is why families have shifted to meal prepping. Kitchen Infinity surveyed 500 of their viewers, and based on their findings, saw that over 95% of Americans prefer to cook at home. They also looked at Google trends data and found that over the last two years, people have been searching for cooking recipes more than ever. This is the perfect moment to introduce recipes and cooking hacks to help make meal prep a fun and easy task for families.

Brand Connections can help your brand reach audiences seeking family meal inspiration this fall. Contact us to learn how we can work with you to create and deliver valuable, targeted recipe and “cooking hack” videos, featuring your brand – while seamlessly driving shoppers to buy the ingredients through their favorite grocery retailers, online or in-store.