The return of the Great American Vacation

If you’ve made plans to travel this holiday season, you’ve probably heard about the massive crowds expected at airports, hotels/resorts, and theme parks. The concept of the unfortunately named, “revenge travel” is taking off in a big way, as pent-up demand for travel continues to grow with expectations that 2022 could even surpass pre-pandemic leisure travel levels.

As industry leaders in product sampling within the travel industry, this is also welcome news to our clients who see the value in reaching travelers when they’re away from home and are likely to consider trying new brands and products. A recent online consumer survey we ran showed more than 3 in 5 respondents would be interested in receiving free product samples when traveling (at their hotel, in-flight, etc.). What makes this even more exciting for brands in everyday essentials categories, like personal care, an incredible 86% of respondents admitted they had forgotten to pack one or more necessities when traveling and had to find a replacement. 

Ready to reach these “revenge travelers” as they’re heading on vacation? Let us show you how we can get your samples distributed at hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, theme parks and more.

*Source: Brand Connections survey, conducted November 2021 (n=453)