Sampling Solutions

Find new shoppers by offering them samples of your products

We have 20 years of experience delivering product sampling solutions to the largest brands in the world, delivering samples through three primary channels:

    • Lifestyle & life stage out-of-store sampling at gyms, hotels, colleges, salons, etc.
    • Online grocery pickup sampling programs at the largest retailers in the world
    • eCommerce direct-to-home sampling platform
Woman holding a bag of groceries

Lifestyle and life stage venue sampling

Reach your target out-of-store through our network of local businesses, community organizations and travel destinations

Active Lifestyle

Gyms, yoga studios, specialty fitness, health clubs

Campus Life

Dorms, fraternities, sororities, health offices, fitness facilities

Health & Wellness

Primary care, specialist offices


Hotels, resorts, rentals, amusement/theme park areas

Self Care

Spas, salons, nail salons

Parents & Young Kids

Childcare, toddler activities, mommy and me classes

Pet Care

Grooming, veterinarians, dog day care, boarding

Why sample through our pre-shop network?

  • Consumers love getting free samples at unexpected places
  • Targeting to reach right audiences at right locations
  • Product discovery in un-cluttered environments
  • Credibility cultivated over 15+ years working with venue partners
  • Effective and transparent with SLA’s, safeguards and auditing
  • Digital enhancements to drive deeper brand engagement
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Online Grocery Order Pickup Sampling

Your product placed in complimentary sample bags distributed to online order pickup customers across Kroger banners

Turnkey execution with seasonal and holiday-themed opportunities and brand customizations available to engage this valuable set of omnichannel shoppers

    eCommerce Sampling

    Own the moment of discovery with your product samples and brand education placed in Direct-to-Home eCommerce packages delivered to shoppers, via our partnerships with targeted online retailers

    Extend the brand experience with digital education and engagement – capture data via sweepstakes, create automated chat experiences, mobile AR engagements and more

    Whether you’re a brand with samples to distribute or a business location looking to give your patrons free products to try, Brand Connections is here to help.