Helping shoppers make the right purchase decisions via 1:1 engagement


Create an “always-on” platform to help shoppers navigate the complexities of select products or categories/departments, via real-time communications through their preferred digital device


Digital shopping guidance continues to grow - 70%+ of shoppers use their smartphones to look up product information while shopping in-store and a growing number prefer to look up info. on their own versus speaking to a store associate. When shopping online, live chat ranks at the top of preferred communication channels, especially for consumers seeking answers NOW.

The Solution

Brand Connections “virtual advisor” platform is designed to help drive conversion and shopper satisfaction across an omnichannel shopping experience. We work with retailers and brands to deliver valuable information to their shoppers including real-time product education, credible buying recommendations and answers to shopper questions - whether they’re considering making a purchase in-store or on an eCommerce site.

The ability to deliver customized, personalized advice from either a live expert (fully-trained and immersed in the brand/products) or via an automated content experience, helps move a shopper from indecision to confident buying decision while ensuring the brand has control of the flow of information and content – not leaving it up to the results of a shopper’s online search.