With the new year comes a whole host of beauty trends and predictions, and 2022 is no different. 

To kick off the 2022 trends, Ulta Beauty has the intel. Based on their first-ever trends report, Ulta found that one of the biggest trends will be “That New Natural.” This trend is expanding what “natural” means, including more textured hair products and skin tints for a lighter alternative to foundation. Additionally, Instagram found that the big look for beauty will be minimalist and natural, as well as an increased focus on vegan makeup and plant-based skincare. 

And while natural looks are expected for 2022, so are the big, bold ones. We know, confusing, right? With a diverse group of people and preferences, beauty lovers’ opinions run the gamut, and if they aren’t going au naturel in 2022, then they are likely going bold. Ulta Beauty is expecting bolder hair colors this year, including everything from pale pink to “soft apricot,” as well as bright eye colors like red and sapphire. 

It’s no surprise, but the third and final trend that’s sure to continue in 2022 is wellness. With many focusing on their mental health and the health of their bodies, we’ve seen a move towards more natural sources of wellness, including simply exploring the great outdoors. As a result, “wild bathing” has been a growing trend. But for those of us less interested in this experience, WGSN is predicting that bath and body products, particularly those with seaweed or seawater, will take off.

As beauty continues to reflect the larger changes in our world, we are curious to see how these trends manifest, and how the sustainability efforts continue to grow with the new products. To explore more about each of the 2022 trends, click here.

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